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"Just bought a Lincoln and Raphael Harrison was excellent! Flexible to my schedule and excellent source for the different models discussed so I could find the car right for me."
"Dealer Cannot Even Honor IOU for pre-existing paint damage on New 2024 Lincoln Aviator. On June 24th, 2024 We went to the dealership and it turns out they had a new 2024 Black Label model with the features I wanted (second row bench) so we proceeded with that. The sales rep was great but for being a Lincoln dealership it was sad that the sales rep tried to clean the car himself because they had no one to detail it. After going through the paperwork I was given an IOU to bring it back for a full detail. We were walking around the car and I noticed Two Obvious chips on the rear lower left bumper, we amended the IOU to now have Detail Owed and Fix/repair paint chips. As I turn the car on to leave the dealership I get a warning on the dash for the Door sensor needs servicing. The sales rep is helpful and we go to service. He says we just need to order a part and when they take care of the paint chips and detail they can fix the sensor. June 25th, no one reaches out to schedule the work that needs to be done under the IOU (paint chip repair, Detailing, & Fix Sensor) I go at the end of the day drop off what I owe (2nd Key, Title) and myself go to the loaner/vehicle pick up service rep, and schedule the appointment myself for my vehicle to be picked up on 7/2/2024. On 7/2/2024 They pick up my vehicle and it is delivered to the dealership at 9am. I call several times, leave a voicemail and no call back. I call around noon to speak with the GM and the secretary tells me that is not his job to look into issues with his dealership. After going back and forth for a bit with the secretary, the GM takes the call and says he will have someone call me back. In about an hour someone finally calls me and says they fixed the sensor and they don't know if their paint guys will be in that day(main reason of the appointment). Later in the afternoon I call back since I need to know if I need to arrange a ride for myself home from work or not, and they did not provide a loaner for this service visit. They tell me that they are detailing it now so I tell them great they managed to get the paint done and NO they didn't & cannot do that this week. After no one could tell me if/when I would have the vehicle delivered back to me and they hung up on me I have my wife drop me off. The car was done minus the paint chips. First thing I notice is the detail job is sad, since there are still smudges on the glass and little debris here and there. I go to turn the car on and I am still getting the door sensor error which they said they fixed. They now need to order another part for the latch, great... but I have to have them still fix the paint chips so they will do it when I schedule that service appointment. I go to the loaner rep who is the only person who actually communicates with you and schedule another appointment and this time with the loaner to be dropped off when they pick up the vehicle on 7/9/24 in the morning at 8:30AM. 7/9/2024 It is now 10AM and I have not heard anything about my vehicle being picked up (I even have a confirmation email the day before). I call the dealership and am told they have no records of it, so they get a loaner to me later in the day. Now starts the game of no updates again and I have to call over and over for updates with maybe one call back the next 4 days. 7/11/2024 I am told after calling several times that the sensor was fixed and the paint guys they used are working on my car and it should be done that afternoon. I get there and they try to charge me for the iou repair and I have that fixed. I walk to the car and the sensor is done but no work took place on the chips. Leave the car for another day and I call for an update on 7/12 and they deliver the car to me... The quality of work is disgusting, looks like putty/caulking did not cover the whole chips and its rough. I call the sales service manager and explain everything and even sent an email on 7/12 and have had no follow up. Luxury is a joke here."