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Sleepless in las vegas
"If I could steer anyone away from them simply for their customer service and service repair department I would. My unit was brought in, and the service department was told what I could see was wrong, not what they had to troubleshoot the cause to be. Fire. There was a short somewhere outside the unit in the tongue area. This caused the 7 way cable and the brake controller to melt and burn up. This also charred the propane tank that sat on the tongue. My unit was brought in July 27. I emailed asking if it would be complete prior to Labor day. The service advisor told me that we could get the trailer and use it, then bring it back when the parts were in to complete repairs. I asked if the BRAKE CONTROLLER and 7 WAY were replaced. The service advisor told me “sorry that they can let some people use their units while waiting on parts but because those items were not addressed, I would not be able to do that for safety reasons.” I was told that the parts were on order and should arrive September 6th. I emailed again asking if the parts had arrived and if the unit was repaired. I was told at that time of a new parts arrival time of the 12th of September. Around the 12th, I emailed back asking if the unit was complete and was told that the "service tech completed the repairs, however they found other issues." The other issues they "found" was the BRAKE CONTROLLER and the 7 WAY PLUG the unit was brought in for. I was told that the parts are on hand so it shouldn't take that long. HA I inquired about returning the unit to camping world, as I did not even have it for 30 days prior to the incident, and was told that they would only give me a fraction of what I paid. They have had the unit 3 times longer than I have. I understand waiting on parts and things like that, but at this point this is ridiculous. If you buy a unit from Camping World in Thornburg VA, I hope that you do not need any work done as you may never see the unit again until it is paid off."
"This is the WORST dealership, especially Service. They have had our truck and camper for over two weeks, couldn’t communicate that it was ready/not ready, didn’t want to release it to us because they “didn’t have keys to the lot” yet magically when we said we could cut the lock to get our property they found some keys and released our property. They ordered airbags for our truck, which they assured us several times would work and help it ride better, demanded payment up front only to have the airbags not work and then they couldn’t decide if they were going to refund our money. Stacy in service has HORRIBLE customer service and doesn’t call or stay in contact when she promises to find out what is going on, management doesn’t care after they get your money and you leave their lot. They should just close the doors."

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