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"Do not go to Cheseco RV for service. Dropped my RV for a single repair. Months later I was contacted to pick up my unit. At first glance I saw the rear door ajar and found it unlocked. Upon inspection I found both the stock family room TV and the bedroom TV missing. Further inspection revealed over $1000 of property had been stolen. Contacted the Frederick store and Steve Shapiro to advise of theft. I never received one single reply or acknowledgement of theft."
"Terrible service now I have to drive to Indiana to get it fixed. Please call me there is so much more... From the service advisor Alicia Lucas to the techs to the warranty coordinator to the Service lead who says she is the same as a General store manager Emma are all Terrible. I have a Thor motorhome 2022 we use it 4-5 days a week, the first camping world in Richmond couldn't get me in for over 4 months per Thor they advised me to call this location and they were able to get me in within a week. I spoke to Alicia ahead of time and told her my situation she said she would put me in as a walk in and I could pickup my RV the same day if not next that was on 03/04/24 Monday I called on Tuesday 03/05/24 and Alicia was not available I then spoke to the manager Emma (terrible managing abilities) she informed me that the timeline Alicia set forth was impossible as they typically don't assign the techs for 5 days she said day 2 I was lucky to have a tech assigned. Now its obvious why RV repairs there take so long... they make a appointment to let your vehicle sit for 5 days why no maybe make the appointment for when your ready to service the vehicle. This was at 2:30PM Emma said she would push my RV to the front since I was fortunate enough to have the tech assigned to me and it would be ready in 2 hours at 4:30PM I told her that would be impossible to diagnose my multiple issues in 2 hours she insisted it wasn't impossible and could be done. I told here to take a extra day since they've had it for 2 days already and to have a tech look at it for 2 hours at the end of the day was unsatisfactory and not enough time. They kept it for another day I called as the end of the 3rd day was coming to an end and wanted to see if it was ready, she said its been ready since this morning and the tech said nothing was wrong with the A/C (I have been working with Thor since I am tech minded to try to fix w/o having to take in for service, this has had a problem with the inverter, lithium battery and alternator system installed during covid in lieu of gas generator) I told her the tech could not have tested it, Alicia told me usually when not rushed she would walk though the vehicle, I asked Alicia to go out and start the A/C she said she couldn't do that (even though she just said thats what she would usually do) I asked her to have a sales rep turn on the A/C to no avail. So on 03/07/24 my wife at 8:30AM took off work to go to the service to start the AC and what do you know the entire system crashed. They said they would put another tech on it (since the other one obviously never ran the ac off shore power to find that the problem still existed). We picked it up that night 03/07 after the new tech said it was only holding 13.5 volts which is not enough to run the AC and they would have to get the repairs approved. I was told it typically takes 7 days for approval which would have been 03/15/24 I got a email saying its still pending. I called Thor to see where it was on the 03/18/24 due to a vibe I had that Camping World was lying which imagine they were lying (not telling the truth, Emma wont accept that they lied and/or doesn't understand what lying is...not telling the truth). I was told by Thor that they only had two requests one pertaining to the AC which on 03/12/24 they reached out to Camping World to see if it was the Chassis battery or House battery (no response from Camping World) they told me the second issue with the awning motor was approved and the third item which was roof leak was never submitted (Alicia told me its maintenance but they were going to try to get it approved which was another lie since it wasn't submitted therefore it could've never been approved). Kristen at Thor who I spoke with was absolutely amazing to deal with and someone who actually understands customer service she told me that Camping World said they needed to sublet a lift as they didn't have one for my vehicle and we were both befuddled as to why they would"