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William Thompson
"I recently had the pleasure of working with Samuella Betts and Kalil to purchase a new(er) vehicle for my family. They went ABOVE AND BEYOND to not only make sure that I purchased the vehicle that I wanted, but also to be super kind, courteous and make the process seamless. I HIGHLY recommend SAMUELLA BETTS and KALIL when you visit this dealership! You won't be disappointed!! Just to drive the point home of how great a service they provided. I had previously had a TERRIBLE experience 14 years ago at this same dealership. I didn't realize it was the same place until I pulled into the parking lot. I literally almost turned around and went elsewhere. My experience with SAMUELLA BETTS & KALIL totally changed my mind and perspective about this dealership. If I'm ever in the market for another vehicle, they will be my first phone call!!"
"Gary helped me through the whole purchasing experience . I spent a really small amount of time in the dealership. He knew exactly what i was looking for. it was one of the best experience ever ."