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"I'm so glad my daughter Heather research a vehicle for me. And me to Sharrett to see Chuck McCann. He was very nice and knowledgable,and was nice to my daughter and mother. He knew I was going through something for the first time, being seperated after 24 years. Made us feel part a family. Thank you Chuck. Kathy Brady"
"I enjoyed my sales experience with Chuck. He was easy to talk to and knowledgeable and I didn't have to deal with any stereotypical pushy car salesman tactics. But I was very frightened of committing to a car payment but being a single dad I needed a safe reliable vehicle for my daughter. Somehow Chuck sensed when I needed that nudge and I am so happy & relieved to have finally bought a car. Also when there was financing problems because Im a first time buyer he was aggressive with the loan company and got me approved! Anybody who reads this and you're in the market for a car go see Chuck McCann at Sharrett in Hagerstown. They have every new & used car out there. Be sure to see Chuck, he's the Man and he Can lol! Really tho Chuck, thanks alot, Rob - I bought a Jeep Liberty."

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