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"Well, my credit is subpar so I had to go to Drive Time. I paid a 3400 down payment for my Audi A6. Beautiful car. My car is 3 weeks old....and the check engine light is on. Aeverex is a joke. Nearest "in-network" repair facility is in Glen Burnie (fair warning) and can't see me until the end of next week (after my 30 day warranty expires) convenient. Any time I need a repair I have to drive 70 miles round trip to Baltimore. I can't do that with a check engine light on, so I have to pay 200 bucks for an out of network facility. 3 weeks, 30 K financed, and a car with a check engine light. I'm a bit discouraged. It's a new car. I have summer trips planned...and no means to travel. I shouldn't have to worry about this so soon...and even with all this going on, they are going to take a car payment Friday as I sit in the Audi service department waiting to see why my "new" car is displaying a check engine light."
"I called in and spoke with Toneisha about a Equinox they had on the lot. She had me come in the next day and she did everything in her power to get me in that vehicle. I did not have the down payment right away so they had to sell that vehicle which is understandable. I came back in a week later and she once again went above and beyond to get me in a Equinox and this time I had the down payment. She got me off the lot the same day with it and I'm very happy. I also want to say that Antonio, Yessar, and Al helped in this process and was great in helping me to get this Equinox. Everyone was patient and very professional with a small splash of comedy to keep the car buying process fun and fresh, I didn't feel like it was all about commission here. I def recommend!"

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