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"First time visiting this dealership. Came in at 2pm on a weekday and went straight to the parts counter. At first glance there were no other customers in the store but saw 6 employees- 4 in parts and 2 in sales. The first two employees at the parts counter did not even look up to greet me or direct me so I went to the next group of two where I received assistance in retrieving and ordered part. After leaving the parts section I went to other parts of the dealership. At no other time was I ever greeted or spoken to by any of the other employees in the store. I understand if I had questions I knew where to go but never had ANYONE acknowledge my presence or check on me. I can’t rate anything else but the customer service was non existent. The parts employees were marginal. One of the two seemed new but I didn’t feel welcome. I worked previously for Harley and know the importance of customer service."
"Don’t waste your time getting out the door quotes from this dealership. They added $1000 on a $5200 bike after I drove an hour and a half, and this is in addition to $515 freight fees and $400 service fees. What a waste."

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